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  • Preethy Kurian

Racism - An Ongoing Attack On Humanity

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As the protests and demonstrations for justice over George Floyd's death grow worldwide, people have asked me for my stand on the matter. To be honest, asking people to face the problems of racism in our society is not always welcome... but it must be done. I know that I don’t even know all the issues and that there are no easy answers.

We have been heartbroken and outraged with the death of George Floyd. We all desire to see justice over George Floyd’s death and further a solution to the ongoing problem of racism. I believe racism is an attack on the image of God that our Creator has placed in every one of us. It disunites the very core of our existence as the children of God.

Racism rejects what God has done when He united us together with the Lord Jesus.

From God’s viewpoint, the heredity that matters most is the spiritual one: death comes through Adam and life through Jesus our Christ.

I recognize, the governments, the society, the church, and more so, we as individuals have some soul searching to do. Unconscious and conscious racism in the church is prevalent in the things we say and do. It could be simple things as introducing a church leader by the colour of their skin or reserving specific roles for an ethnic community. From the church's standpoint, I believe there is a need for sanctification at many levels, and this comes through conscious and ongoing repentance. Repentance, in the case, involves in a changed mindset- a turning away from evil, a stepping away from complacency and a conversion to God’s revealed model for the worth of every human being.

Jesus loved publicly in a world of separation and prejudice; He shifted the paradigm of His day. Yes, we must deal with matters like this till it is really dealt with.

Further, we are not here to dismantle any culture, race, or sex. In God's Kingdom, all are called to flourish- men, women, black, white, brown, tall, short. I believe we must learn to have an equal partnership with each other.

The enemy has a fear of unity amid our uniqueness and diversity. He attempts to disenfranchise each one of us. Make us feel like we have no power, that we don’t belong. The truth is, “though we are many, we are one body.”

Photo Credit: @bluehouseskis

That’s why the church is essential to society. We give value to what God has given value to!! We stand in the gap when those around us are unable to. Racism is evil, and we must work together to root out this evil. We must be courageous, speak out, speak up, and challenge racism whenever we come across it. We must also be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32). Jesus prayed, “May they all be one.” no truer words today. We have hope, as we pray and stand together, as we take steps not to tolerate vile behaviour, to embrace and celebrate God’s beloved creation, His children. As a church, we have been praying for a godly solution- we have hope through our Lord, and we stand and speak out for justice.

We, as a church family, have consciously worked together and are continuing to work together, to look past creed, culture and colour. For our part, Capstone Church, we endeavour to live and testify how unity looks like.

We will stand together.

From the desk of Pr. Preethy Kurian,

Senior Pastor, Capstone Church

London, United Kingdom

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