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About Me

About Preethy Kurian

Preethy travels around the world as an itinerant speaker. Her practical wisdom and prophetic insight combine to give her a distinctive ministry. Preethy has a unique humour and communicating style. She is tuned to the Spirit of the Lord and the Word of God, with a deep understanding of entering into the presence of the Lord.

Her life is full! She is an engineer and also a director of CrossPay. She is a beloved daughter, wife, mum, sister, teacher, author and friend.

Preethy and her husband Rakesh are senior pastors of Capstone Church and reside in London,UK with their daughter, Rhema.


Preethy's Story

Her encounter with the Lord

I was born in a Christian family, in a Hindu nation; raised in a Muslim country. Religion was not important to me. My attitude was ‘anything goes’! I figured there was a God but He seemed so far and uninvolved. I would say one or two catholic prayers once in a while to keep me out of trouble. My family was open to all religions. We were so open to the supernatural and occult practices. The consequences of our distance from God was a family slowly going out of control, where we once had money, we were losing it fast; the family was in disharmony; things were better yesterday than it was today. My father had died; there was no one to protect us in a male dominated society. No one cared. I was young, educated, had a seemingly loving family but somehow, I knew I was incomplete; something was missing....

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