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Preethy's Story

Her Encounter with the Lord

I was born in a Christian family, in a Hindu nation; raised in a Muslim country. Religion was not important to me. My attitude was ‘anything goes’! I figured there was a God but He seemed so far and uninvolved. I would say one or two catholic prayers once in a while to keep me out of trouble. My family was open to all religions. We were so open to the supernatural and occult practices. The consequences of our distance from God was a family slowly going out of control, where we once had money, we were losing it fast; the family was in disharmony; things were better yesterday than it was today. My father had died; there was no one to protect us in a male dominated society. No one cared. I was young, educated, had a seemingly loving family but somehow, I knew I was incomplete; something was missing.

One day at a retreat, I heard a Christian preacher say " Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and no one goes to the Father except through me."

I had a sudden desire to get to the Father.

I missed my father who had died, I longed for that care and affection. I missed the all-compassing love only a father could give. I wanted the Father in my life and if this Jesus was the way, I wanted Him in my life. I realised that God seemed far away only because I was not using His way to get to Him.; the only way, which is Jesus. I asked Jesus into my life; asked Him to reveal Himself to me. I became aware of a sweet presence that surrounded me. That sweetness was my first taste of a God who comes and meets with us. I became convited of my own sins, thing I had done that displeased my Father in heaven. I couldn't eat or sleep for days after; I was so sorry. And as I said sorry, I felt within me, God’s forgiveness for all what I had done. It was like someone took my burden. Yes, it was Jesus who took it and made me right with my Father. From then on, I got rid of anything or anyone who would separate me from my new love.

That Sweetness I experienced that first night was a simple foretaste of the times to come. It's been over two decades; and He has been with me every day and in every way. Through incredible tough times and immensely blessed times, He has never left me.


Where once there was bleakness,

no hope and no substance within;

God has put joy, peace and double honor.


Where we were once a family who had no one to stand up for us, we now have God, the creator of the universe; we are on His side...How cool is that. My heavenly Father is definitely most awesome. People around us often see the difference and ask, why, what is it that is different? God with Us!

Today, I try and live each day for Him! I long to live a life that is pleasing to Him; He gave his life for me so I want to give my life back as a reasonable trade. Living for him is going according to his daily leading; it includes thanking and praising, walking in faith and boldness, singing and dancing, reading the bible, understanding it and applying its truth. Sharing with people the truth that there is a cure for all our woes is a privilege; it’s good news in this lost world. My husband and I have dedicated our lives to serving Him.

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